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Sync Licensing

Original artists have varying sources of income besides gig fees and merchandise. For the unsigned artist, PRS and PPL royalties are low, as is streaming revenue. However, sync licensing, although extremely challenging to secure a commission, has become one of the most lucrative sources of income open to original artists. 

As a member of the Guild of Music Supervisors, Cuzbuz Records Ltd not only seek relationships with sync licensing agencies, we also seek to build trusted relationships with music supervisors to secure placements for our artists via an easy clear, one stop platform. Below are examples of playlists from some of our artists curated on a shared platform used directly by fellow music supervisors. We try to change the playlists frequently but if any licensing agencies or music supervisors require access to our extensive libraries please drop us a line and we will share access with you. 

Georgia Crandon's Playlist

This playlist features;


Melancholic, ambient and almost haunting music through the "Until We Meet Again" track written by Georgia in 2019 and released in 2021.


Songs that equally capture emotions of empowerment, strength and winning with a retro vibe on tracks like, "Wrapped Around Your Finger" and "Glory". 

Finally, there are the more Caribbean, Calypso and Ska based tracks that paint a picture of long sandy beaches, blue skies and sea whilst drinking a rum and coke.  

Email: for further enquiries.

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