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Chris Daley

Original Artist

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Chris Daley is better known as lead singer and front man of The Theme. The Theme began in 2011. The band have played at some big venues over the years such as The Scala London, 02 Islington, The Cavern (Liverpool), 100 Club and have supported artists and bands such as Steve Craddock (OCS and Paul Weller respectively), Squeeze, Mark Morriss (Bluetones), Chris Helme (The Seahorse). The band also won the best EP a for Hits the Sky in 2013 Fast forward to 2021 the band worked on their 8th EP “My Heads Spinning Around” the most experimental work to date.

Frontman: Chris Daley – Rhythm Guitar/Songwriter: Paul Bassom – Peter Sim: Lead guitar/BV’s – Ben Rutherford: Bass – Bill Snowden: Drums


Original Artist


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